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Do you know which wipers are the best for your business?

According to Brian Tarry, Sales and Marketing Director at Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd the chances are that you don’t. His view is based on findings that have been uncovered as part of the new Northwood initiative to refresh the “Perform” wiping products brand and it’s a pity! Because there is every chance that you are paying too much for the ones you do use. That’s not based just on the initial pack price of the wipers or bags of rags, it also takes into account the cost in use efficiency criteria that arise when dealing with several, differing wiping demands. The amount of time taken by an operative to satisfactorily complete the task in hand, for instance. The number of wipers it takes to fully absorb the spill, or to sufficiently polish the surface to ensure that hygiene standards are met: the extra cleaning up when there is too much lint left after the initial wiping job is completed. These are considerations rarely taken into account. If you do know the answers, then it’s probable that either your wiping requirement is critically important to your profits and business, high technology manufacturing for example, or really not very important at all. This leaves the whole of the middle range of organisations possibly over or under specifying their wiping requirement. Either way, it is an unnecessary waste of money and “Perform” wiping products might be able to help.
Previously an established product offer from the old Peter Grant stable, the recently available additional resource offered by Northwood has given Brian and his team the opportunity to evaluate, refresh and expand the whole “Perform” brand to meet modern market needs and challenge old precepts about wipes and wiping.
He has been assisted in the task by newly recruited Brand Manager Nini Waterhouse, an internationally experienced marketer. With sourcing now available through Northwood in both the UK and globally, the brief was to formulate an exciting range of woven and non-woven wipes that offer competitive performance at equally competitive price points. Absorbency, linting levels, hand feel, product consistency and performance were all expected to match or exceed current comparable competitive product ranges. As part of this rigorous process it became increasingly apparent that there is a low general appreciation of the fact that using differing wipers for differing wiping demands could deliver significant potential advantages. That fact substantially underpins “Perform’s” over-arching business strategy, which is the creation and promotion of a wiping range dedicated to matching wiper to task.
Trials were conducted within a variety of market sectors amongst current users of both woven and non-woven wipes as well as the more traditional bags of rags users. Product specifications were fine-tuned to meet the stated performance objectives and customer reaction to the introduction of the new range assessed. Nini immediately noticed that amongst the bags of rags users sample there was less appetite for change. Their established practices were perceived as being more than adequate for the job in hand. With them being seemingly indifferent to inconsistent product wiping performance and occasional product contamination it appeared there still may be some reluctance to embrace change. However, when through discussion it became apparent that substantial gains were to be made by switching to “Perform”, then a majority of the businesses in the sample recognised the value of at least considering alternative wiping choices and evaluating the merits and benefits in more detail.
Amongst existing woven and non-woven wipe users, there was generally a greater understanding of the concept of some products being especially suited to particular tasks and others less so. Again it became clear that this was often a previously rather neglected area for cost accounting management evaluation. After undertaking that due consideration, changes in the provision of wiping products, provided that they were not unduly complex would, in many cases, almost certainly result in a meaningful overall performance increase and a corresponding reduction in overall cost.
Assessing the results of these findings it appears that the key sectors who could most benefit from this new approach would be the automotive sector, catering, a wide range of general engineering businesses and of course, the janitorial sector where the well-known Northwood brands of Essentials and particularly the much admired Leonardo range of dispensing systems are amongst the sectors’ leading players. The experience gained in the supply of washroom dispensers and tissue and towels has become something of a template for the way in which Brian and Nini are launching “Perform”.
For example, knowing that in reaching every buying decision there are a number of key factors taken into consideration and recognising that one of the most important after performance and cost is customer support. Nini immediately appreciated that Northwood’s high riding customer service reputation, long established and long nurtured under Brian’s watchful eye was a wonderful additional asset when bringing this new product range to market. Economies and convenience from a single order point and the resulting single deliveries for both washroom product and wiping product was always going to appeal to forward thinking and progressive distributors and end users alike.
Bringing a new eye to the business, Nini has introduced exciting, bright modern pack designs and innovative features that make life easier for end users, for example packs with convenient in-built carry handles. All are part of the desire for customers to recognise that there is an increased profit opportunity here and to reassure the end-user operatives that “Perform” will make their life easier too!
New and exciting “Perform” products will be showcased on the Northwood Hygiene stand (D15) at the forthcoming Cleaning Show and full details of the range will be also be made available. Brian and Nini will be on the Stand to answer any questions you may have and they both look forward to demonstrating the product performance and the potential of this new “Perform” range of wiping products when they are tailored to meet your specific wiping needs.
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