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First seen on the Stand at the recent Cleaning Show in London, Northwood Hygiene Products have now brought their exciting new range of wiping products to the market.

With the key objective of delivering a wiping range that has been designed with the end user in mind, extensive industry research has been carried out to determine standard custom and practice and seek to improve it.This has resulted in the insights and understanding that have influenced the products that now make up the Performrange of professional wiping products. This combination of product performanceand cost in use savings will meet the needs of all but the most specialised of wiping operations effectively and economically.

Whatever the sector, essentially the major wiping operations revolve around the mopping up of spills, cleaning and wiping of equipment or parts, surface preparation and production area cleaning – or sometimes a combination of all four. Within these broadwiping tasks,the order of priority of the main performance indicators will change. So if solvents are being used in cleaning, then the absorbability of the wiper and its ability to first retain and then dispense the solvent without breaking up is top of the list. If it is a surface preparation task, then non abrasion is the first requirement, with in some instances low-linting , being a close second. So matching wiper to task is the philosophy and it should be undertaken because the world has moved on. Consistent wiper performance is essential because product failure runs the risk of damage to both manufacturing efficiency and customer reputation. Just because bags of rags have always been used is not a reason for delaying a detailed and honest re-evaluation of their overall wiping performance. Is each and every pack standard in its absorbability, is every pack really completely free of buttons and zips? If not, then how much additional operative time, how much product damage, how much wastage is resulting from poor appraisal and selection of the appropriate wiper for the task in hand.

Of course, durability can work two ways. The wiper needs to be sufficiently strong to carry out the task but equally if it is too long lasting, then it can in some instances, carry the risk of causing cross contamination rather than reducing it. This is clearly vital in such sectors as catering, food preparation and other hygiene sensitive operations

Whatever single wipe or combination of product best suits the particular need, the wipers need to be easily available and conveniently dispensed. The Perform range delivers an innovative selection of product variants and equally importantly, portability has been designed into the packs. This allows operatives to position the wipes to suit their own personal preference, with research showing smaller grab-packs are often more useful and effective in terms of operator convenience.

Designed with the end user in mind and with wiper performance being matched to wiping task, Perform provides a range that meets the requirements of modern wiping needs with consistent product performance. Efficient cost in use and the opportunity to neither over-specify nor under-specify by using the various ranges singly or in combination brings much needed recognition that wiping is not an aspect to be ignored in the running of a successful modern business.

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