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Make your wipers PERFORM!

Not thought about your wiping provision for a while? Well unless you have very specialised wiping needs, you are not alone.
Research carried out by Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd, showed that wiping is an often neglected area when it comes to supplier review. The assumption that all is well is widespread and those businesses that rely on the traditional” bags of rags” wiping solution seem particularly unaware of the developments in wiping provision that could help them save money.
The newly launched Perform range of wiping products is the result of extensive research and workplace trials that embraces and establishes the concept of matching wiper to task. By understanding the specific wiping needs of a particular operation it is much easier to select the wiper that is the best for the job. This stops the over or under specifying of the wiping requirement making the whole wiper provision much more cost efficient. It isn’t difficult to do and the rewards can be substantial.
There are really only four major workplace wiping categories, mopping up liquids, cleaning down equipment, surface preparation and polishing and each category has differing priorities of wiper characteristics.
So whilst the key general wiper requirements of low-linting, solvent resistance, non-abrasion, absorbency, heat resistance and durability and bulk are in evidence, not every wiping task needs all of them in equal measure. If the principle task in hand is, for instance, mopping up liquid spills there is no need to use a wiper that has the durability to tackle degreasing engine or machine parts.
Of course there is no point spending time evaluating the need and then matching wiper to task if there is no consistency in the product. Each wiper has to perform to exactly the same standard each and every time for the desired efficiency and cost saving to be achieved. When bags of rags are used the different materials they contain can offer vastly differing degrees of softness or absorbency and thus wiping performance. So jobs can take longer and use more material than expected to achieve the necessary standards.
Even more alarming is the possibility of accidental damage being caused by wiper contamination. Zips, buttons etc. can cause surface abrasions that can lead to product write offs or at least time consuming and costly remedial work. Perform’s outstanding quality control makes those concerns disappear. Be it tissue, airlaid or non-woven, each wiper will deliver the anticipated result every time, using the minimum amount to maximum effect. The research also highlighted that rags are favoured by some operators because of the way they bulk in the hand. In response and where appropriate, some of the Perform wipers in the range are designed to give that similar feel, so increasing operator confidence.
Further acknowledging that operator needs are an integral part of an effective wiping operation, the research and product trials included gaining insight into other manual aspects of the wiping task. For those tasks where single station working was the usual practice, then wiper roll dispensers often provided the best solution. However, it was found that on many other occasions, portability is a key operator requirement.
Much time was spent in designing packs that allow easy transportation but have sufficient capacity to minimise time consuming re-stocking visits to a central storage facility. It was also noted that in some instances, wiper durability and resulting multiple use was not always appropriate. Whilst superficially offering a reduction is product usage, in some situations where hygiene is an important priority, for example food preparation, catering and some washrooms, multiple usages can lead to bacterial transference with damaging effects on health and safety guidance. Much better in those instances to specify single use wipers that will significantly reduce the risk of essential hygiene standards being endangered.
Results of the trials showed that users were much impressed with Perform’s performance when compared to similar competitor products with wet and dry abrasion resistance, low-linting and in particular, the speed of absorbency, all being specifically mentioned.
As part of the on-going research programme, Northwood Hygiene Products are particularly interested in hearing of the wiping needs of other end users and distributors and are offering participants the chance to win an I-Pad Mini.

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