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Revised wiping provision brings its own rewards

For many businesses wiping is an  essential everyday function that rarely attracts a great deal of management interest. Unless the business is one where specialist wiping is an essential core requirement to on­going and future success, then the tendency is for the wiping provision to carry on as it always has done. However, the new research carried out on behalf of Northwood owned Perform Wiping suggests that such an approach may well be outdated and a fresh, modern outlook could result in significant rewards in increased productivity and cost savings.

Wiping is generally not a complicated business. There are really only four major categories, mopping spills, preparing surfaces, cleaning tools and equipment and polishing. Of course the nature of what’s been spilt, whether or not solvents are being used in the surface preparation, if the machines are or are not covered in grease and just how valuable is the item being polished, do all have a direct bearing on which wiper is the most appropriate for the task. Key wiper attributes include absorbency, durability, bulk, low llnting, solvent resistance, non-abrasion and heat resistance, but not all wipers need all those features and not all wiping tasks need them either. The trick is to match wiper to task and when that is fully understood, then not over nor under specifying the wiper requirement is relatively uncomplicated. The new Perform range has been designed to deliver a variety of combinations of these key characteristics to meet the needs of most end users in a simple and easily understood way. A quick analysis of what if any chemicals are being applied or mopped, what kind of surface is being wiped, whether the task is a single operation or a multiple one, starts to give focus as to which wiper or perhaps combination of wipers, is best suited to the job.

The rewards of looking at this sometimes neglected aspect of the business can result in significant improvements in cost in use. For example, bags of rags may at first sight look to be the most convenient well­established wiping solution. However, the lack of consistency in the product may be costing the business dear.

Varying rags deliver varying quality. Some materials are very absorbent, some less so. This lack of consistency may have hidden operative costs whereby jobs have to be done twice or even more times to achieve the desired effect. Similarly, sometimes the accidental inclusion of buttons or zips can have expensive consequences caused by product or surface damage.

The Perform range delivers consistent quality using the minimum amount to maximum effect. This cost in use efficiency is further enhanced by the fact that other benefits, such as on-going compliance with hygiene standards, are much easier to monitor. It Is a fact that durability and consequent multiple usage of a single wipe is not always a desirable outcome. In hygiene sensitive areas such as food preparation for instance, bacterial transference is much reduced when single use wipers are used. Gaining this type of insight through a professional overview of the whole wiping operation Is a relatively simple task to undertake and one that can result in modem, more efficient and cost effective business practices.

Work stations and working locations involving wiping products are many and varied. Single station working can allow for wiper roll dispensers to provide the best solution, but in other circumstances, dispenser portability makes life a lot easier for the operative and a lot more efficient in terms of time taken for task completion to the necessary standard. Smaller, highly portable dispensers are an exciting feature of this new range. Considerable thought and testing has gone into evaluating the relationship between the ergonomics and dispensing efficiency to allow the final design to be both practical to use and to aid in reducing wastage. Perform has the wiping range that makes the wiping decision making a whole lot easier. For busy people that’s a real bonus with a real reward.

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