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Perform Wiping Range – Designed to save money!

The Perform range of wiping products from Northwood Hygiene Products has been developed following extensive research and trials that have resulted in gaining new insights into wiper usage.
The key wiper requirements of absorbency, low linting, solvent resistance, non-abrasion, heat resistance and durability and bulk are not always all required on every occasion in the four major wiping categories of mopping, cleaning down equipment, surface preparation and polishing.
The concept of matching wiper to task reduces the expense of either over-specifying or under-specifying the wiper requirement. However, to deliver the savings it does demand consistency of product. Whether tissue, air laid or non-woven wipers are the ones best suited to the task in hand, Perform’s meticulous quality control ensures that each wiper delivers the expected result every time. So each wiping task uses the minimum amount to maximum effect. This is unlike bags of rags where different materials display differing performance behaviours, so jobs can take longer or use more material than was expected.
Even more worrying is the danger of accidental damage because of wiper contamination due to buttons or zips. Perform wipers make all those concerns go away.
Evaluating the needs of the operators themselves showed that single station working often means that wiper roll dispensers provide the best solutions, but in many other situations, portability is major operator issue. Optimum pack sizes that allow dispensers to be transported easily yet have sufficient capacity to ensure that time consuming trips to re-stock are minimised are a significant feature of the new Perform offer. Also within the Perform range are wipers that have a bulkier hand feel so that the operator feels comfortable when the task in hand demands that particular requirement.
Trial participants were much impressed with Perform’s performance when compared with competitor products and solutions. Wet and dry abrasion resistance, low linting and in particular the speed of absorbency were all highlighted as being especially impressive.
Perform has the range and customer support in place to help make that wiping decision a whole lot easier and that is a real incentive to take a fresh look at the wiping provision in any business.
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